It was great seeing everyone at the UNW Train Show and Swap meet at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington. It's always a successful show for us and we love being part of it.  There is new Alaska Railroad stuff coming out all the time, email me with questions or reservations.

* The new Intermountain HO ALASKA RAILROAD F7A & F7B in the DOT (Dept of Transportation) blue and yellow scheme with DCC & Sound will be shipping in March.  Please email to reserve yours today!  As with all production runs by manufacturers these days, there is limited availability.   Please email any requests or questions to: 


Welcome to Roundhouse Hobbies.

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Roundhouse Hobbies is a hobby shop specializing in the Alaska Railroad. Formerly Healy Roundhouse Gallery of Healy, Alaska we have moved to the state of Washington. After years of operation, we have a dedicated and loyal following worldwide, and a reputation for quaility products at a fair price. Please let us know how we can help you, email or write us with questions or comments. Thanks!

Photo collage: photo of Alaska Railroad's new SD70MAC number 4001, Spirit of Alaska (photo courtesy of Grimes Photography). This new 4,000 hp diesel/electric locomotive weighs over 400,000 pounds and is nearly 75' long. ARR #1825 is a GP7 built on 1951 and acqured by the ARR in 1960. Number 7109 is an Alco S-2 built in 1943 for the US Army, acquired by the ARR in 1955 and retired in 1972. #901 is a 4-6-2 Baldwin Pacific type steam locomotive bought new in 1940 and retired in 1954.

The Alaska Railroad, the perfect prototype to model! The point to point Alaska Railroad runs 450 miles from tidewater to the heart of Alaska, through some ruggedly beautiful scenery. The ARR runs both freight and passenger operations year round. This small, unique railroad has an abundance of modeling opportunities. It runs coal and gravel trains, oil tank trains, TOFC/COFC, general freight and daily passenger trains. Anchorage and Fairbanks boast large yards and equipment repair facilities. Some fantastic bridges, tunnels, mountains, glaciers, canyons, rivers, small towns and a variety of industries, large and small, keep things fascinating along the line. The ARR currently runs a modern EMD fleet of locomotives and had a wonderful roster of steam locomotives, F units and first generation EMD road switchers in its past. Most of these locomotives are currently available in many of the popular scales. Get started modeling the Alaska Railroad today!

We are a full line Walthers dealer.
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What new Alaska models or decals do you want?

Email us with your suggestions or comments.  Right now the most requested Alaska Railroad items are:  Alaska Railroad's GP49's, ABI (Alaska Basic Industries) blue hopper cars, the Alaska Railroad ex-Florida Fun train passenger cars and the ex-GN "Denali" Business car.  Also in the running are the Alaska flatcars (used to haul containers from the barge) and the used (new in Alaska) Aluminum coal hoppers.

New and in stock:

  • Walthers HO ARR Passenger cars in 1999 paint schemes, Baggage, Coach, Diner & Dome cars.
  • Walthers HO ARR Passenger cars in 1971 paint scheme, the 4 above plus a Cafe Lounge car.
  • Walthers HO Alaska Railroad F40PH in both road numbers.
  • Walthers HO Alaska Railroad Bi-Level Commuter cars.
  • Walthers HO ARR 50' Boxcar in two road numbers, 10951 & 10954
  • Walthers HO ARR SW-1's, two numbers in blue and yellow paint.
  • Walthers HO ARR GP9 number 1810 in black freight scheme. 
  • Walthers HO Russell Snowplow number 4, Beautifully detailed and awesome!
  • Athearn HO Alaska Railroad blue & yellow GP40-2's in 3 road numbers.
  • Athearn HO Alaska Railroad blue & yellow GP38-2's in 2 road numbers. 
  • Athearn HO Wide Vision cabooses in two road numbers, 1086 & 1084.
  • Atlas HO and N scale ARR 53' Evans boxcars in two road numbers.
  • Altas HO Alaska Railroad Alco S-2's, two road numbers, 7112 & 7123. With DCC & Sound. 
  • N scale Wheels of Time bulkhead Flatcars in two ARR schemes in 8 road numbers.
  • N scale Kato Alaska Railroad Passenger car sets, 4 pack and 6 pack.
  • N scale Atlas Master Alaska Railroad PS 2960 Triple hoppers in 4 road numbers.  

Coming soon:

  • Bowser HO Alaska F7A units in "As Delivered" paint scheme with DCC & Sound. Summer 2016.
  • Intermountain F7A & F7B in Alaska's DOT (Dept of Transportation) paint scheme.  Spring 2016.
  • Intermountain F7A & F7B in Alaska's blue and yellow paint scheme.   Fall, 2016.
  • Bowser HO Alaska Railroad's Baldwin VO-1000 number 1300, Summer 2016.
  • Walthers HO 85' Budd Streamliner passenger cars in 4 types, due early 2016.
  • Walthers HO 53' Containers, in green Alaska Marine Lines and Crowley blue, Due Summer, 2016
  • Atlas HO and N scale ARR 89 flatcars in three road numbers, Summer 2016
  • Atlas HO and N scale ARR Cupola cabooses in two road numbers, Summer 2016
  • Intermountain re-run HO ARR Pressure Flow Covered hoppers (ex BCRail) in 4 NEW numbers, Fall 2016.

View our What's New page for more details.

Check out my friend John's Alaska Railroad web page, the best site on the ARR!

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